May 22 2020

As I sit here today, ready to write you an email asking you for your business I realize that I have to stop first and acknowledge what we have done collectively.

So many weeks ago we all went home. Your businesses closed (at least the doors to the studio itself). And then the most amazing thing happened - I witnessed you dig down find the strength to lead your community finding a way to offer the healing yoga to your students. You found a way to offer the hot Pilates which provides us with great strength and self-esteem. I watched you, small business owners, demonstrate your grit and have been nothing short of inspired.

With that being said, I also have seen the good news that many of you are able to re open your doors and invite students (to some degree) into your studio space. I've read your emails and watch your videos and heard how honest and earnest you are about providing safe environments for your students. As our studios have always been safe havens the place where you can go without question and without judgment.

There has quite a lot to learn and do during this time and I didn't hear from many of you except for the emails and the communications for your community. Slowly I began to hear from a couple of you that wanted to start up your retail sales stream and have some logo gear for your students as they practiced from home.

Now as we begin to reopen our local economies and you're starting to stabilize, I feel it's time to reach out and ask you to remember that when you need logo gear to please ask me for an estimate. I would love to work with you and provide you what you need. Your students have never found more pride in their studio community - ever.

Let me take a moment to remind you about the way that we do business together. Orders turnaround is about two weeks. That means from the time that you confirm your order to the time you receive it is just about two weeks.

Shipments are by Fedex Ground.

Payment invoices are sent for your order to begin and at least 50% is due at the time of order. The remaining balance is due with the time that the order ships.

Now just a bit about the background story.

I am a one person operation - I work on my own. I've been your student, your teacher, your employee and even some of you, your employer. I love working in this community. I work with a local screen printer. He is a small business owner and a I truly enjoy working with this team. During this time I know that he has created a safe work environment for the employees. the workspace allows everyone to be at least 6' apart. They are committed to providing services to me and their other customer (who I must say are much larger than I am). It's been a joy to start to get back to work!

There you have it. Enough about me. I'm looking forward to see your continued growth. As I drive down the road today I'm on my way to see friends I haven't seen for months and I listened to a podcast that I found inspiring and reminded me of the tenacity of our community. It's about this day in history and a remarkable woman named Genie Chance. Here's the link if you care to listen

It felt serendipitous to listen to it on a day like today and it prompted me to write this post. Now, you know me, and I don't always say a lot about my feelings, but I hold this in my heart every day. I hope you enjoy this episode of The Daily as much as I did.

much love, LMG