September 22 2020

We've all gotten seriously committed about our home practices and workouts these days. It would be redundant to say that nothing is the way it used to be, so pretend you didn't read that.

What I wear at home is almost the same as in the hot room where I don't like to wear any type of a long shirt or long pants. Except [!] when I teach Inferno Hot Pilates. In that case I like leggings and don't know why! It's not like its not as hot as the yoga class because it is one hundred percent.

String Shorts are the go to for yoga practice in either case. The fit it really the best to let the hips and legs move to all their range of motion. And for tops, I found that I am most comfortable with a lightweight cotton/spandex tank over my Demi Top or Tube Top at home. This new layer has been the new choice since March, lasted through the summer and so far are going strong into fall. 

I think it's time to have a stock up sale, probably are straight up buy one, get one free deal. If you're like me, some of the clothes that you wear to the hot room need a freshen up. It's coming up real soon!