Startup Retail Orders

Orders on a Budget

This one-of-a-kind service allows Retailers to start up their in-studio boutique business on a set budget. 

You set your budget starting at $200 (approximately 8 units). Every month I will make an order for you from and/or You'll receive an invoice/s for payment. Once your payment is received your package/s will ship to you. 

After four consecutive months of orders, you can earn free shipping on future orders. Your shipping cost will be applied to your next order and so on. As time goes on, you may have specific requests or be able to fine tune your orders. 

I've worked with lots of Retailers over the years. The most successful boutiques set a budget, stick to the budget and invest in their inventory methodically. 

STEP ONE: set up an account at and

STEP TWO: set your budget.

STEP THREE: schedule a call with me to establish your plan.

STEP FOUR: Your first order.